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2021 Northland NFL FLAG Rule Amendments

Last Updated: September 1, 2021


III. Equipment

4. Each team has received (2) NFL FLAG game balls. These must be used during every game. Individual footballs are not allowed.

IV. Field

2. No Run Zones will not be in effect in the K/1 Divisions.

V. Rosters

3. Teams must start games with a minimum of (4) players. In the event of an injury or multiple no-shows, a team may play with four players on the field, but no fewer than four.

i. If this occurs, teams will resume play in a 4v4 format.

ii. Fewer than 4 players on a team will result in forfeit.

VI. Timing

2. Halftime is three minutes.

3. Play clock will not be in effect in the K/1 Divisions. Referees will encourage an up-tempo pace of play.

4. Each team has three 1-minute timeouts per game.

VII. Scoring

6. If one team goes up by 28 points or more, the game will be scored final as is. The losing coach will have the option to continue exhibition play until the end of regulation.

VIII. Coaches

2. A maximum of (3) coaches per team are allowed on the sidelines. All team photographers, managers, team moms, fans, etc. must remain a minimum of 5 yards off the field.

3. (1) coach per team is allowed on the field of play for play-calling purposes.

i. All on-field coaches must remain completely out of the play during live balls; and offensive coaches should remain 10-yards behind the line of scrimmage.

IX. Live Ball/Dead Ball

7(a)(i). If the ball hits the ground as a result of a bad snap, the ball will be placed at the original line of scrimmage (the spot where a ball carrier last had possession).

X. Running

4. Absolutely no laterals beyond the line of scrimmage. Teams may utilize backwards tosses/pitches behind the line of scrimmage.

i. A lateral/pitch/toss is defined by an underhand or shovel motion from one ball carrier to the next.

ii. No backward passes

iii. All forward passes must cross the line of scrimmage.

12. Offensive players without the ball may remain in motion once the ball carrier has crossed the line of scrimmage, but may not impede a defender’s path to the ball carrier.

XII. Receiving

6. Interceptions are always returnable.

i. Interceptions returned for touchdowns are worth 6 points.

ii. Interceptions returned on conversions are worth 2 points.

iii. Failure to return an interception for points will result in the ensuing drive starting at either the team’s own 5-yard line, or midfield – depending on where the play was blown dead.

XII. Rushing the Passer

3(b)(iv). If the offense draws the rusher(s) to jump the seven-yard marker prior to the snap of the ball, the rusher(s) must reestablish position behind
the seven-yard marker pre-snap to rush on the play.

XIV. Flag Pulling

4. If a player’s flag inadvertently falls off during a run, the player is down immediately upon possession of the ball and the play ends. The ball is placed where the flag lands.

i. If a player’s flag inadvertently falls off during a route, the player is down immediately upon possession of the ball and the play ends. The ball is placed at the spot of the reception.

XV. Formations

3. The center must snap the ball with a rapid and continuous motion to a player in the backfield, and the ball must completely leave his/her hands.

i. Snaps between the legs are not required. The alternative to this would be a fluid transition from the center to quarterback from the player’s knee.

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